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Aside from the DC Affordable Law Firm, there are other legal services available for DC residents with limited or modest incomes. These include:

Advice Clinics and no-cost legal services for those with limited income

Low cost legal services like those the DC Affordable Law Firm provides for DC residents with modest incomes

DC Superior Court-based legal information resource centers and legal forms websites for those who represent themselves

We are providing links for some of these services below. This list does not cover all available services but is a good starting point for you to consider if we are not able to assist you.

Additionally, there are organizations that are able to assist DC residents beyond legal services.


Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) empowers low and moderate income residents of DC to take control of their finances.
Vice Dean of Georgetown Law Jane Aiken, Dean of Georgetown Law William M. Treanor with the DC Affordable Law Firm Fellows, United States Senator Dick Durbin, Chairman Marc Fleischaker and Executive Director Sheldon Krantz at DCALF’s official launch.

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