Family Law

We provide low-cost representation in various issues arising in family law. DCALF prioritizes the legal needs and financial security of our clients by providing compassionate, client-centered representation during some of life’s most challenging moments. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can move forward with their lives and feel confident and secure in their outcomes. DCALF attorneys bring compassionate, client-centered, and efficient advocacy to your family law case.



DCALF will advocate for and defend against claims regarding temporary and permanent spousal support in the District of Columbia. DCALF can also advocate for or defend against temporary alimony (also known as alimony pendente lite or spousal support claims while the divorce proceedings are in progress).


Child Custody and Visitation

We know our clients’ children mean the world to them. We represent individuals in need of assistance filing for custody, planning and implementing original custody and visitation arrangements, modifying a child custody order, or filing a third-party child custody claim. We help our clients reach a resolution in their custody matter that furthers the best interest of the children and minimizes conflict.



We represent individuals who are contemplating divorce, have already filed a complaint for divorce but need legal assistance moving forward, and those who have been served with a complaint for divorce from their spouse.


Custodial Power of Attorney

We assist parents in planning for unforeseen circumstances and the caregiving needs of their children should they become suddenly unavailable.


Child Support

We represent parents or guardians who need legal assistance ensuring that accurate child support orders are in place.

Being represented by DCALF lawyers in a difficult divorce case made all the difference in the world to me. I know I was not strong enough to face this process alone.
~ Rochelle, DCALF Client

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