Our Clients

DC Affordable Law Firm’s mission is to serve individuals and families whose income level is between 200% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, offering a range of no cost and low cost legal services to qualifying clients.  Although our mission specifically targets households in this range, we may offer services to individuals outside of these income brackets under certain circumstances.

You may qualify for our services if your monthly or annual income falls within the range listed below, based on household size. 

2022 Federal Guidelines


Household Size Minimum ANNUAL Income Maximum ANNUAL Income

Minimum MONTHLY Income

Maximum MONTHLY Income

1 $27,180 $54,360



2 $36,620 $73,240



3 $46,060 $92,120



4 $55,500 $111,000



5 $64,940 $129,880



6 $74,380 $148,760



7 $83,820 $167,640



8 $93,260 $186,520



Our Fees

We are fortunate to offer a range of free and low cost representation options to our community. Qualifying clients will pay, at most, $100 for an initial consultation to receive preliminary legal advice from a DCALF attorney, depending on household size, household income, and residency.

Following an initial consultation, we offer a range of individualized representation options to individuals interested in further representation, based on the client’s legal needs and representation goals, and DCALF’s thoughtful review of legal claims and avenues for relief.

We offer clear and predictable payment options for clients to ensure those clients who pay modest fees for representation know the maximum monthly and overall costs specific to their case type and scope of representation. Clients pay no more than $75/hour for representation. Our goal is to offer clients accessible services and clear information so interested community members can make informed choices regarding the representation options best for their circumstances.

Please contact our office at (202) 844-5430 with any questions regarding eligibility for our services.

“From the very first consultation, the DCALF attorneys made me feel heard and validated. They acknowledged my pain and the injustice I had experienced, and supported my desire to pursue a just outcome…. My attorneys listened attentively to my fears and concerns, provided answers and insights to resolve my questions and points of confusion, and supported my goals every step of the way. Despite the uncertainty and fear that often consumed me throughout the process, I knew that I had DCALF on my side….I remain and will continue to be extremely grateful for DCALF and the services they provide to the people who need them most.”

~ Testimonial from Ms. M, DCALF Client

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